Although most of our stock is rather boring to look at, namely cardboard cartons on pallets, we do have plenty of weird and wonderful items to keep things interesting.


Boats, sheds, giant foam heads, cosplay uniforms, a Tuk-Tuk, Power Rangers, gallows, a huge dragon…put it like this, our warehouse doors are pretty big and we can fit a lot of kit inside 40,000 sq. ft.

Try us with your branded kit, we love a challenge!


All stock held is recorded on our inventory system, and appears on the RG client portal under your stock list.  Specialist storage services include:

  • Archive management.  We operate an office records archive service, holding coded boxes, with content information held on the client portal. 

  • Our proximity to central London means we can pull your box out of stock and bring it to your desk in an hour or so.

Special Facilities

Certain stock needs special treatment in the warehouse. Specialist storage services include

  • Wine benefits from our constant, below room-temperature warehouse atmosphere – our wine clients will concur we are sure.
  • We have multiple levels of restricted key-controlled security for sensitive/high value goods.
  • Non-racked items. Sometimes items are either too large, too heavy or awkward to go into the racking system, so they are kept in a seperate non-racking area and treated differently

Come and see us – especially if you have never been inside an Aladdin’s Cave Victorian railway arch with 10ft thick walls…